Our Attention to Quality

At Pacific Link Ingredients, we work smarter and harder for our consumers. We never compromise our standards. From the highest-quality ingredients to our SQF Level 2 Certified (Modules 2 and 11) manufacturing facility, we cut no corners and overlook no details. Pacific Link Ingredients is dedicated to attaining and applying cutting-edge knowledge, keeping our company at the forefront of research, science, and technology.

Quality Matters

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, our on-site quality lab supports many testing methods and analysis requirements including UPLC, Atomic Absorption, FTIR Spectroscopy, UV/VIS, CPC Titration, and Karl Fischer Titration. The microbiology lab highlights our unparalleled focus on premier quality and food safety standards. Our industrious professionals are experienced Ph.Ds, Chemists, SQF Practitioners, and PCQIs with extensive accreditation, so you know that Pacific Link Ingredients is a name you can trust.

Pacific Link Ingredients is committed to expertly crafting effective supplements. That means we dot our i’s, cross our t’s, and triple check that we are up to speed. We strive for perfection as well as performance, prizing quality above all else. With Pacific Link Ingredients, you can be sure we will deliver high-caliber products and impeccable customer service, because we don’t operate any other way.

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